Are you looking to update your office setup?

I’m back after a bit of a break. My husband and 2 cats moved from Colorado to North Carolina the first week in May.  Needless to say after living in our house in Colorado for over 10 years it has been a bit hectic sorting, packing and getting rid of stuff.

One of the things we decided with the move it was time for a change in or offices space. Both hubby and I work from home, so we decided to not move our desks and purchase new ones.

I did some research back in February on Amazon and soon after was retargeted on Facebook by a company name Autonomous. When I checked the website in early April I realized they currently had a 5-6 week wait for desks to be delivered.  I contacted the company and got a quick reply.  I told them what I wanted and they said they had a shipment that should go out on May 5 (which worked well for our moving schedule). Unfortunately the delivery was delayed and we did not receive our desks until late May. Each time I contacted them they were quick to respond and apologized for the delay. I tell you this not to give a bad review, because they said 5-6 weeks and it turned out to be 7-8 weeks and if you order from them just keep this in mind.

We love our desks!

We love our desks and here is a link to the smart desk company’s website Autonomous.

Here is a video where I review the desks and my husband gives you a review as well.

Over the next few weeks I will review more of my set up and give you more reviews of products.

Thank you for your patience while I’ve been moving and I look forward to interacting with you about technology in the future.