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Myth – Webinars Won’t Work for My Business

In this episode I cover the Myth that webinars will not work for your business. Not True! I give many example of business and webinar topics that I have ran across over the last few months. And I also give you some ideas on how you can use webinars for your business.

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Myth. Webinars will not work for my business. I hear this all the time from people. Webinars are just not right for my business. I'm in a service or I'm brick and mortar or I sell physical products. Webinars are just not the right fit for me. Well maybe you don't realize that webinars can used for all types of things. They can used for doing lectures and presentations, demonstrations, tutorials, workshops, interviews, discussion or interactive meetings among different employees, for masterminds, coaching calls, or even live-casting or broadcasting an event. I've seen tons and tons of businesses over the years using webinars. Some of them may even surprise you. I've wrote down some of the titles here I'll share with you.

One of them was a non-profit on how to attract female donors, so it was a non-profit organization that was trying to go out and attract females that would give to the charity. I saw one from messaging for state and local governments on how to write messages, like text messages and copyrighting and things like that for state and local government. I ran across one for tax law, actually several for tax law. One of them was called Successfully Negotiating Offers and Compromise and another was How To Avoid Sales Tax Nightmares and Protect Your Bottom Line. Now one of my favorite ones was from the IRS, Business Taxes For Self-Employed: The Basic, was the title for it. I saw another one, the FCC was using webinars to help Seniors fully engage in using the internet, Get Into The Act Online was the title. I saw one for financials, it was Complex Financial Litigation In 2016 and it was a four part series mind you.

Then of course I have a couple of really good friends who do dog training. One in particular has been doing webinars on dogs doing bed bug detection and using webinars to build his business to attract people from all over the world to come to him for dog training help. I have even seen webinars on cats. Helping cats in Your Community, Learn About Feral Cats and the Basics of Trap, Neuter, Return From The Experts. Dogs and cats. We're actually even doing a Blab and someone can on chat and wanted to know if they could use Blab or webinars for beekeeping. Huh. What do you think? Sure you could use them. Especially now Blab's released this ability to replay or play videos, so you could go out and video a specific beekeeping technique and then show it as part as your Blab. If you had the right setup, you could even do it live. I don't know with bees if I'd do it live, but I'm not a beekeeper so that's certainly could be done.

I saw a webinar advertise photography, how to overcome bad lighting. Honestly I've seen a lot of webinars that could probably use that seminar on how to overcome bad lighting for webinars. I saw one for education. It was called The GMAT Masters, so if you ever had to take the GMAT course, there's actually webinars out there to help you be able to master the GMAT. There's also one for healthcare and the name of it was, There Are Six Treatable Causes of Migraines. Saw another one for aromatherapy, actually it was a series. They were doing some type of certification for aromatherapy. Now I'm not a aromatherapy expert but they had certification in it, if that's what you're into, you could get that over webinars.

Actually I've seen several on agriculture. There was different series I saw. One was called Rice Marketing With a Cuban Flavor and the First Yield Forecast Impact. I saw one on cattle futures and I saw another one on cattle breeders, Sex Semen, Focus webinar. They were trying to figure out the different sex of the semen. I don't know. I don't know enough about cattle to know what that one is. Those are just some different examples I've actually seen of webinars being offered, today, right now. There's no reason why your business can't use webinars.

Some other topics I saw, just some general topics was, How To Generate An Evergreen Webinar, Build A Webinar Cash Machine, Follow Up To Podcasts Or Online Shows, Five Steps To Ads That Work. How about Making Social Media Work For Your Business? I saw a webinar on how to use Periscope. Also saw one on Managing Human Rights and Your Supply Chain, and the last one I have here is just a Shell gas webinar, How To Analyze the Volumes of Natural Gas and the Shell Formations. All of those are topics I've run across. I just thought of another one that I forgot to put on my list here. I actually met a gentlemen that was using webinars to sell tractor trailers. Not the trailers, but just the tractors from tractor trailers, and he would go online, live on his webinars and walk around the trucks and show it through the video on the webinar and was actually auctioning these tractors for tractor trailer trucks using webinars.

All of these should spark interest and ideas in ways you can use webinars. Just a couple of other ideas you might think of. If you have products, you can do product demos. You could do live or recorded actually showing how to use the product or maybe showing how to do special things with the product even. You can do testimonials. Those are really effective in helping you build your business. You can do interviews with experts, so if your service or your product has different experts that you have access to, interview them. That will help bring business to your business as well as help make you the expert. You'll become the influencer within your business. Of course training. If you have products or services that people maybe need a little extra help in using, then use webinars. Have them show up, show them how to use it, show them the special options, those kind of things.

The real questions perhaps you should be asking is not should you be doing webinars, but what is it costing you not to do webinars. The questions to ask yourself is who is not hearing your message because you're not doing a webinar. What leads are you missing? What courses are you unable to teach and what experts are you unable to interview and learn from? In my opinion every business can use webinars. To get their message out, to do training, to sell products, all of those kinds of things. Just jump in and start doing webinars and see where it leads in your business. I will say this. Don't give up. If you do one webinar and things don't go too well. Don't let that stop you. You need to get a few under your belt. Who knows? You may even see great success from the very, very first one. This is Melodie Rush. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I hope I busted this myth that your business is not right for webinars.