Webinar Mastery: Beginner to Pro 

Webinar Mastery: Beginner to ProSimple 5 step system to profitable webinars even if you have never done one before!

You want to get your message out—and an effective webinar is one of the best ways to get attention and connect with your audience. Increasing your exposure through webinars offers many benefits for your business: You can start building a list of people who are interested in what you do, become the go to-expert in your field, make it easier for people who need your product or service to find you and, eventually, harvest the gold (and the sales!) from reaching more of the people who need what you have.

The challenge is many people who put on webinars are inexperienced. They just don’t know what they don’t know, which causes them to make numerous mistakes and lose their listeners quickly. Their webinars are not engaging, they’re not professional and they don’t follow a well thought-out syntax that allows them to take their attendees through a commitment cycle that fosters raving fans.

If you believe you have a valuable message to share, but you haven’t tried putting on a webinar yet because you just don’t know how to get started, Webinar Mastery: Beginner to Pro is the training course for you.

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Deliver Webinars Like a Pro

stackedpaperback_893x812An Essential Guide for Business Owners

Tips and strategies to setting up and using webinars effectively for sales presentations, marketing campaigns and online training.

Sit in on industry veterans Melodie Rush and Carl Stearns who have delivered well over 1000 webinars as they discuss planning, setting up and executing webinars in both the corporate and small business worlds.  In this business owners guide to webinar strategies you’ll learn how webinars can be used for sales presentations, marketing campaigns, online training and customer support.  Addressing technology requirements, paid services such as WebEx, free services such as Google Hangouts, incorporating video as well as how to make money with webinars, Melodie and Carl will have you executing successful webinars like a pro as soon as tomorrow.


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There’s Money in this Book

There's Money In This Book

Here’s a few of the things you’ll discover in this 242-page powerhouse:

– The hidden psychology (and an easy-to-follow framework) for turning strangers into prospects, buyers, and EVANGELISTS for your brand…

– The simple “short-cut” formula for quickly finding and maximizing the average lifetime value of your customers (do this, and you can EASILY outsmart most of your competitors)…

– 5 “insider secrets” for creating successful, engaging presentations, every time – professionally deconstructed by a Fortune 500 statistician and business presentation expert. Just follow the formula and your audience will LOVE you!

– The real magic of keyword research done right (and how to dramatically amp-up your SEO, advertising, and content marketing)…

– The juicy secret to creating killer headlines for ads, book titles, blog posts, and more…

– A drop-dead simple, rinse-and-repeat formula for cranking out profitable sales letters FAST… even if you HATE writing! (This alone can save you thousands of dollars in copywriters fees!)

– The one simple, fool-proof method for getting inside your prospects heads to find out EXACTLY what they want you to sell them to solve their problems (and turn them into loyal fans)!

– A little-known 5-part formula for turning any story into a winning sales narrative that instantly creates rapport, and gets your prospects to feel they know, like, and trust you…

– A simple list of short questions you MUST be able to answer about your market before you ever spend a single dime on advertising! (Getting it wrong means CERTAIN DEATH for your ads!)
– How to gain “Instant Authority Status” in high-trust markets using this one simple, easy-to-follow positioning formula…

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The Webinar Report

podcast_channel_artwork.jpgLearn from Melodie Rush who has presented and hosted over 1200 webinars to people all over the globe. She will answer your questions on webinars in simple easy to understand terms. Melodie will also be interviewing experts to provide webinar tips. To learn more about Melodie, submit questions to the podcast or get complete transcripts of the episodes visit

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