Facebook Live and OBS testing

Facebook Live and OBS testing In this short session you see my initial test of using OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) with Facebook Live.  OBS is open source software that gives you similar functionality as Wirecast and allows you broadcast your camera, your screen or images and switch between them. OBS runs on Mac and Windows. In this session I [...]

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Why there is a delay in Google Hangouts – Episode 32

Why there is a delay in Google Hangouts One of the biggest challenges I hear for Google Hangouts whether you are using WJS or EasyWebinar is the delay in broadcasting. What I mean by delay is there is from a 15-90 second delay from when you speak or screen share to when an attendee actually sees and hears it.  Note [...]

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Webinar Expert: Steve Laurvick – Episode 19

Webinar Expert: Steve Laurvick Steven Laurvick is three time number 1 best selling international author on internet marketing and sales. He is a Marketing Consultant, author, small business owner, real estate broker, and father. He has a BA from the University of Wisconsin in Mass Communications and Photography, was News Director of WSSU-FM, a reporter for KDAL-AM in [...]

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What is a webinar? – Episode 1

Listen to the first episode in my new Podcast "The Webinar Report". Let's start with the basics! What is a webinar?  It is simply a meeting or presentation over the web.  

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What resources do I need for a webinar?

Since my book “Deliver Webinars Like a Pro” came out last month, I’ve been ask several questions. (Click here to get the book and bonuses) One of the most common questions is "What resources do I need  for a Webinar?".  A better question might be do I need anything special to do a webinar? The truth is you can do webinars with [...]

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